Today’s Daily Song of the Day: Kings Of Leon- “Talihina Sky”

Jason McGathey
1 min readMar 30, 2020

Kings Of Leon are a rock band from Nashville, featuring three brothers and one of their cousins. “Talihina Sky” is a song I’d never even heard of until seeing them live a couple of years ago, but now might be my favorite of theirs. It can be found, in much different form, as an unlisted hidden track on their debut album, “Youth & Young Manhood.”

Without having the CD in hand ever, I’m a little bit confused myself as to which version can be found where. On Apple Music they have some weird slow version with tinkling piano that really isn’t that great. Spotify has the same, but then also has some single from 2011 that is titled “Acoustic Version.” This video is closer to how they play it in concert, and sounds most familiar to me. If you want to skip past the band chatter, the actual music starts in around the 1:07 mark — although I kind of like listening to them argue, just like you would expect from a band full of family members. Or any band, really.