“The Doom Statues” — Chapter 13

Jason McGathey
6 min readJan 20, 2024

Smiling as he climbs aboard his two decades old, powder blue Honda Goldwing motorcycle, Lenny rolls down the short gravel drive, and waits until he’s on the street before firing up the engine. The roommates at this house where he’s been staying — unofficially, though chipping in for food, beer, utilities and rent in exchange for a couch — were not exactly thrilled that he was bailing on such short notice, and he doesn’t want to further rile them up this early on a Sunday morning. Although with the state of this muffler, it’s debatable how much noise he is cutting between here and their bedrooms.

This has been his primary mode of transportation for six months now, a situation which has worked out surprisingly well. All the more so in that he paid cash, and is currently jobless, therefore couldn’t afford car payments even if he wanted to. Of course, that outlook is on the upswing, too, with this sweet sounding gig Jeremy lined up for him. Who knows, he might even be able to slip in a drink here and there on the job — or make that, it should be a lot less dangerous when he inevitably does so.

Still, though everyone tends to scoff at this notion, occasional unfortunate setbacks aside, Lenny does know his limits. On this point he is confident. While it’s debatable how many people in a town like Jenson could possibly not know he is the operator of this sweet beast…