“Tales” the podcast — chapter L1

Jason McGathey
2 min readApr 10, 2024

Well, the book is finally out, and like a proud papa, I couldn’t be happier! This is the first time I ever tried an actual semi-legit, planned out release strategy, i.e. scheduling it 3 months in advance and promoting the thing for a change. I’m not sure this worked any better, but it certainly feels less half baked, as opposed to the usual tactics of dropping these things into the void, with no fanfare whatsoever, and then immediately moving on to the next project. So that’s something.

Here’s the audio version of this chapter (with slides!) narrated by yours truly, if this is more your bag:

As for the complete novel, here are some ordering options:

My website


My website offers the better bargain for the exact same books, but your order from either is greatly appreciated. For those who are unaware, here’s the basic blurb:

Life in a locally owned, health-conscious grocery store chain…it might be organic, but it sure isn’t natural!