German Village: Historic Charm in Columbus, Ohio

Jason McGathey
6 min readMay 1, 2024
A house in German Village, Columbus Ohio

German Village is a beautiful, historical section of Columbus Ohio, just south of downtown. Debating exactly where German Village ends and the Brewery District begins can be somewhat dicey, assuming you care about these designations. But for our purposes I’m going to say while anything in that region sitting on South High might be considered Brewery District property, then just east of that you are safely within German Village. And that it’s otherwise fenced in by I-70/71 to the north, maybe Thurman Ave or thereabouts to the south, and no further than S 9th St/Bruck St to the east.

But anyway. Here are some highlights I’ve stumbled upon in my travels, which hopefully you will enjoy too. One of those primitive maps you hold dear to your heart will probably follow at some point soon, to help organize the lay of the land a little better.

Many of the streets are still brick, and a surprising percentage of the homes date back to the early 20th century or even the 19th. Though this area suffered a downtown in the middle 1900s, leading city leaders to even demolish many of the rougher looking patches, by the 1960s a revival was in full swing. 1974 saw this neighborhood earning the official National Register of Historic Places watermark, making it what is apparently the “largest privately funded preservation district” in the country.