Crazy Louie’s

Jason McGathey
10 min readMay 22
Exterior of former Crazy Louie’s building

In the more than two decades since Crazy Louie’s went bust, a number of businesses have given this location (6136 Busch Blvd) a whirl. Spain Nightclub and a second Rush Creek outpost are among those that immediately pop to mind, on that prime, front corner location of what once was the burgeoning Continent shopping center. Spain Nightclub may have in fact lasted longer than Crazy Louie’s (that’s actually a picture of their exterior up top, though I’ve cropped out the sign). But in my estimation — and trust me, it’s painful to say this — nothing has quite enjoyed as much success in this spot as Crazy Louie’s, a popping though often quite maddening dance club that had a spirited 4 year run, from 1997 to 2001.

A restaurant called Montana Mining Co. even had free rent in its wake, yet only lasted from January to July of 2002, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Continent at that point. Still, it would be remiss to pin Crazy Louie’s going bust upon the decline of this former bustling French Market destination. Based upon what we saw first hand, as well as insider info dispensed by those who worked there, all signs seem to indicate that the owners ran a good thing into the ground themselves.

A 14 day suspension in August of 2000 for serving minors is the last piece of news I can find concerning Crazy Louie’s (itself on the heels of a 5 day penalty in July), although I know some of us continued going there into 2001, meaning they at least survived beyond that slap on the wrist. Why we would still patronize the place is a fair enough question, however, considering no other establishment ever gave us more trouble than this one. We did have plenty of pleasant experiences here, yes, which is the only explanation for continually giving it another chance. In fact my last ever visit, as far as I can recall, was in early 2001, I was dating Amber and this still felt like an exciting enough destination, one worthy of showing her. But one reason that suspension for serving minors seems so hilarious to me is that, years earlier, I and a few of the fellas were booted from this place because…I dared to drink Pepsi without proper credentials.

The facts of the case are such: I was totally just drinking Pepsi. This point was never in dispute. I only ever claimed to be drinking Pepsi, and the bouncer tossing us freely acknowledged that the beverage…