Below are brief recaps of some material I have written. If interested, by all means check out my other blog, Love Letter To Columbus, which is a historical document chronicling Ohio's best and biggest city: I also have a family history blog, "A Known History," though suspect it might only be of interest to actual family members. Even that is possibly a stretch. But if you're bored and/or this still sounds intriguing to you, by all means check it out:

Stop Rewind Fast Forward: 1992 (2022)

This is a nifty little slice of music history/criticism that is finally seeing the light of day, after many years of sporadic work. It examines the music scene circa 1992, with a particular focus on Guns N’ Roses and Soundgarden, leading up to a concert with both in Dayton, Ohio. Though an unexpectedly brutal project to research and get straightened out, I think it turned out well.

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